PalMod CC2 Workshop

PalMod CC2 workshop, Thu., 4 Nov. 2021

Morning session on data management
10:00-10:05: Welcome (Kira)
10.05-10.45: Short update from all WPs (using the slide format, link above), each presentation not longer than 2-4 minutes
10:45-11.45: Overview of PalMod Data Management and CMORisation workflows from Swati Gehlot
11:45-12.00: Update on paleodata handling from Oliver Bothe
12.00-12.30: General discussion on model and proxy data standardization

Afternoon session on model-data comparison tools, visualisations, and their integration into a common framework
14-14.40: update on the toolbox and visualisation interface by Jean-Philippe Baudouin
14.40-15: probabilistic tools for data-model comparison by Manuel Chevalier
15-15.20: ensemble metrics by Oliver Bothe
15.20-16: Further discussions and input from the WPs

Please contact M. Chevalier (U Bonn) / S. Gehlot (DKRZ)