2nd PalMod CC1 workshop on ESMTools

Date: Wed & Thu 20. & 21. April 2022

Registration and details:HERE

Please note, the CC1 workshop will take place in person in Hamburg at DKRZ (status: 01.04.22)


3rd PalMod Phase II General Assembly

Date: 16 & 17. May 2022 at the MARITIM Hotel in Travemünde. 

  • Please register HERE
  • Find the preliminary AGENDA.
  • We will also provide the possibility to participate online.


Annual Assemblies 2022

  • of WG1 and WG2 will take place back-to-back to the GA on 17. May 2022 in the afternoon
  • of CC2 will take place Mon. 26. April 2022 as an online event. Pleace contact Kira Rehfeld for details.
  • of CC1 will take place Mon. 12. April 2022 in person in Hamburg. Please contact Hendryk Bockelmann for details.