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PalMod - Paleo Modelling

PalMod is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Science (BMBF) to understand climate system dynamics and variability during the last glacial cycle.

Int.Open Science Conference

PalMod will organize an International Open Science Conference in Vienna 2018 (7.+8.4.2018), back to back to the EGU meeting. More information are available here. Details for registration, abstract submission etc will follow.

Job opportunities

Recent papers out of PalMod

Reviews and syntheses: parameter identification in marine planktonic ecosystem modelling

Calibrating a global three-dimensional biogeochemical ocean model (MOPS-1.0) 

Abstract. Global biogeochemical ocean models contain a variety of different biogeochemical components and often much simplified representations of complex dynamical in- teractions, which are described by many ( ≈ 10 to ≈ 100) parameters. ...

Citation: Kriest, I., Sauerland, V., Khatiwala, S., Srivastav, A., and Oschlies, A.: Calibrating a global three-dimensional biogeochemical ocean model (MOPS-1.0), Geosci. Model Dev., 10, 127-154, doi:10.5194/gmd-10-127-2017, 2017.