Next PALMOD meetings

WG2 Annual Meeting (Bremen, Haus der Wissenschaft); 24.+25.09.2018


registration (until 31.8.2018) 

Venue: Bremen, Haus der Wissenschaft (

date: 24/25 Sept 2018 


Scientific focus: Ocean at LGM and beginning of Termination I. 


WP2.1 groups (and WG1/3 speaker to be invited/confirmed) show progress, but focus on variables of interest, and also if available related internally simulated proxies (to give WG3 some appetite)

time frame of interest: LGM and T1 (if available): e.g. 

  • WG2: BGC-related variables (marine biology, export production, species distribution) and proxies (d13C) 
  • WG2 & 1: ocean overturning-related (AMOC strength) and proxies (14C, uU 18O) 
  • WG1 vs WG2: Is the AMOC (or more general state-of-ocean) consistent between WG1 and 2 (within and between ESM-groups), and/or do we learn different things from physical or BGC-perspective. 

more details and agenda .... 



WG3 Annual Meeting (Bonn, University Club); 12.+13.11.2018


Venue: Bonn, University Club (

date: 12/13 Nov; 2018 



The meeting aims at strategic aspects of PalMod working group WG3. Each sub group (TP) is invited to present the research highlights of the past year, to outline the next steps, and – most important- ly – to discuss the strategic impact of their work on the entire PalMod project. Although the meeting mainly addresses the research within WG3, we strongly encourage members of other working groups to participate, especially with the focus on future collaboration or the dissemination of the current results as relevant to other working groups.

more details and agenda ...