Next PALMOD WG meetings

Working Group 4:  Strategy - Meeting (7.+8.9.2017, Kiel):


Please mark the WG4 annual meeting in your calendar: 7.+8. September 2017 in Kiel.

WG4 will meet and invites all members of WG1. While the first half of the first day is dedivcated to WG4 internal discussions, the large part of the meeting focuses on ongoing collaborations between WG4 and the other groups to explore and discuss the status and further opportunities to increase model performance and quality.

Omar Ghattas - one of our SAB members - will visit us during these days. We are looking forward to inspiring discussions and feedback on our work and concept.

For further details please contact Henrike Mütze.



Working Group 2: Annual Meeting (11.-13.9.2017, Hamburg?):


Please mark the WG2 Annual meeting in your calendar: 11-13 September 2017, likely in Hamburg. The WG2 meeting format will be discussed later, we will likely attach WP meetings to it. 



Working Group 3: Annual Meeting (20.-21.11.2017, Bremen):


Scope of the meeting: 2 x 1/2 day 
Monday 13:00-18:00 
Tuesday 09:00-13:00 

We will meet in Bremen, Haus der Wissenschaft, city center.

Finetuning and program will be discussed after summer. In case of questions please contact Peter Köhler.



Working Group 1: Strategy - Meeting (22.-24.11.2017, Potsdam):


Volker Klemann is in charge to organize the meeting - as soon as all details (dates and time) are fixed, all necessary informations will be found here.

One aspect of this meeting is also to discuss the status of model optimisation (in conjunction with  partners from WG4).