Mon., 08:00-19:30 (17:30-19:00) X3.209. EGU2016-7735 (poster)

From the Last Interglacial to the Anthropocene: Modelling a Complete Glacial Cycle (PalMod)
Tim Brücher, Mojib Latif, Martin Claussen, and Michael Schulz


Mon., 08:00-19:30 (17:30-19:00) X2.21. EGU2016-7735 (poster)

Sensitivity of near field GIA response with respect to rheological features of the Earth structure
Jan M Hagedoorn, Volker Klemann, Ingo Sasgen & Maik Thomas





Wed. 20 Apr 2016, 08:00-19:30 X1.53 (17:30-19:00) (poster)

Comparison of Interglacial fire dynamics in Southern Africa
Tim Brücher and Anne-Laure Daniau


Wed. 20 Apr 2016, 08:00-19:30 X1.193 (17:30-19:00) (poster)

Modelling of stable water isotopes in Central Europe with COSMOiso
Emanuel Christner, Stephan Pfahl, Martin Werner, Alexandre Cauquoin, Franziska Scholder-Aemisegger, Sabine Barthlott, Matthias Schneider, Gerd Schädler


Thu, 21 Apr, 14:45, Room 0.49, EGU2016-7678 (oral)

Antarctic warming driven by internal Southern Ocean deep convection oscillations
Torge Martin, Joel B. Pedro, Eric J. Steig, Markus Jochum, Wonsun Park, and Sune O. Rasmussen