Meetings & Workshops

Previous WG-Meetings 2017

Working Group 3: Annual Meeting (20.-21.11.2017, Bremen):


Scope of the meeting: 2 x 1/2 day 
Monday 13:00-18:00 
Tuesday 09:00-13:00 

We will meet in Bremen, Haus der Wissenschaft, city center.

Finetuning and program will be discussed after summer. In case of questions please contact Peter Köhler.



Working Group 2: Annual Meeting (11.-12.9.2017, Hamburg):


Please mark the WG2 Annual meeting in your calendar: 11th+12th of September 2017 in Hamburg. The preliminary agenda and registration form are online. The WG meeting also includes WP meetings. 

Venue: MPI-M, Bundesstr. 53, 20146 Hamburg (map)



Working Group 4:  Strategy - Meeting (7.+8.9.2017, Kiel):


PalMod WG4 is organising its annual meeting in Kiel from September 7–8, 2017 and invites all members of WG 4. Please remind that participation for WG4 members is obligatory.

At the same time, this meeting is a strategy meeting to discuss the topic of „Optimization of Quality and Performance“ within a broad range of interested people. While the first half of the first day is dedicated to WG4 internal discussions, the larger part of the meeting focuses on ongoing collaborations within the PalMod project. (more, registration)

Previous WG-Meetings 2016

2nd WG3 Meeting in October 2016


The second WG3 meeting will be in Mainz, starting the 13th of October 2016 at 13:00 and will end at Friday, the 14th of October at 13:00.

More details and information will be available here.



1st WG4 Meeting in September 2016


The first PalMod WG 4 group meeting will be held on Thursday 29th September, 2016 at the University Hamburg. More details including time, venue, and agenda are available here.



1st WG1 Meeting in September 2016

The first annual meeting of Working Group 1 will be held on the 13th+14th September, 2016 in Bremen.


Here you can find further information.



1st WG3 Meeting in May 2016


From the 18th to 20th May there will be the Working-Group 3 meeting in Potsdam

Arne Ramisch and Christine Gerschke (GFZ) are in charge of organizing the meeting.

We meet at:

'Bildungsforum Potsdam, Am Kanal 47, 14467 Potsdam'

Further information are here.