WG2 Meeting in Bremen, Sep. 2018

WG2 Annual Meeting (Bremen, Haus der Wissenschaft); 24.+25.09.2018


registration(until 31.8.2018) 

Venue:Bremen, Haus der Wissenschaft (https://www.hausderwissenschaft.de/

date: 24/25 Sept 2018 


Scientific focus: Ocean at LGM and beginning of Termination I. 


WP2.1 groups (and WG1/3 speaker to be invited/confirmed) show progress, but focus on variables of interest, and also if available related internally simulated proxies (to give WG3 some appetite)

time frame of interest: LGM and T1 (if available): e.g. 

  • WG2: BGC-related variables (marine biology, export production, species distribution) and proxies (d13C) 
  • WG2 & 1: ocean overturning-related (AMOC strength) and proxies (14C, uU 18O) 
  • WG1 vs WG2: Is the AMOC (or more general state-of-ocean) consistent between WG1 and 2 (within and between ESM-groups), and/or do we learn different things from physical or BGC-perspective. 

more details and agenda ....